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Textploit is taking a short hiatus until 2017. Feel free to submit your work, but it is unlikely that we will get back to you before the end of this year, so keep that in mind if you are submitting to multiple literary magazines.

We want your work.

And by work we mean anything: jokes, blog posts, poems, photo essays, collages, cultural criticism, fragments, comics, short films, diary entries, that thing you think is too strange to publish. Don’t worry about word count. Even if you don’t think your piece fits into the categories below, for now, choose what you think fits best and we will make space for you.

Already been published? Great.

Never submitted anywhere before? Fine by us.

Don’t submit the same piece more than once. It might take a while, but we read and respond to everything we get. Trust us. If you drop us your email via the submissions manager, we’ll be in touch.

If you are submitting a set of multiple photos or images, send us a representative image and note in your bio that this is a photo set, and we will email you if we want to see more.

We are also looking for regular contributors.

If you want to be a regular contributor: and have some idea for a serialized column/vlog/comic/anything, please send us an example of what you’d be interested in doing under the proper category and make a note in your bio that you want to contribute regularly.

If you are a photographer/artist, please consider illustrating stories for us. If you’d be interested, please let us know — send us an example, link to your website, and note in your bio that you want to join the Textploit team and we will contact you.

If you want to submit a guest playlist: Please submit under the "music" category, a document with a list of songs and a short, 2-3 sentence blurb about each song. Your playlist doesn't have to fit with the monthly theme. Don't be afraid to be creative, but keep the playlist under one and a half hours. Because we use 8tracks, don't submit more than 2 songs by the same artist. See other playlists for examples.

Thank you! Your submission has been received.

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