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Inara Baker

June 20

Piece by Inara Baker.


Reminders for the Imaginative Mind when you Feel Uninspired

For anyone with a creative streak or an imaginative mind, there’s a certain part of you that

can’t be filled without your art of choice – whether that’s drawing, sewing, graphic design,

writing, or any other number of things. However, every now and then, you may find yourself

feeling something is lacking – maybe you’re burnt out, frustrated, or uninspired. And when that

feeling comes, remember these things:

1. It’s ok to take a break. Working too hard for too long is bad for anyone.


2. There is no right speed for completing something. Art is a release, not a deadline –

everyone works at different paces. Do what feels right.

3. Everyone was once a beginner, and everyone started at square one. Yes, someone will

always be better – but they started exactly where you did.

4. And just as everyone was once a beginner, everyone makes mistakes.

5. Don’t cut corners! Sometimes, you get frustrated and you want to be finished. In those

moments, walk away and come back later – your future self will thank you for it

6. Your art and your craft is supposed to fill the space in your heart, not make you sad and

upset – take a good hard look at what you’re doing if it’s making you more sad than


7. Don’t forget why you started in the first place – stick with what you love.